Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shoe Repairmen

My Grandpa, rest his soul, started out making horse harnesses in Iowa.  He then reinvented himself and made the convertible tops for Model A cars.  When the hardtop cars came in, he reinvented himself again and became a cobbler, or shoe repairman.  That is when I came on the scene.

Grandpa Scott or "Scotty" to his friends and family could repair any shoe and did so for about "two bits" or a quarter.  When I was visiting on summer vacations, which I so loved to do, I was invited to help at the shop.  I could polish shoes, take in money and sweep the shop.  For this I was "paid" the handsome wage of anywhere from a cherry coke to a quarter for the whole day.  I was thrilled.  Working along side of my Grandpa (and Grandma) was the best part of my summer vacation most years.

I was reminded of these days gone by when son #2 had some shoes to be repaired. I hunted the for closest shoe repair shop and in Eagan, MN it is Mike's Shoe Repair.  What a place!  The smell of new leather, two guys working in the back room and the rows and rows of items to buy to repair your shoes yourself...or atleast keep them in good condition.  I had no idea of the new gadgets that are out there.

These little gizmos keep your sling heels from slipping.

The other fun thing about Mike's is the pride of being a shoe repairman. There was a collection of Lladro, Precious Moments, Hummels and other porcelain figurines of shoe repairmen.  It was amusing.

By the way, my son's shoes look like new!

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