Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sewing Again

It was years ago, but I sewed a lot! I sewed my clothing, some of Foxtrot Freddie's stuff, baby clothes, Christmas gifts and decorations, the list goes on.  I loved to sew. It was a creative outlet that I enjoyed, making something beautiful or unique. We bought the best sewing amchine we could afford at the time time, which was a huge investment. It cost (not lying here) TEN MONTHS RENT!!! I still have it today and it works like a champ!

A dear friend of mine is soon going to become a grandmother. I am invited to the baby shower. So I dusted off the old Elna Sewing Machine. 
I turned these....

Into these....  All it took was a little ribbon.

I turned plain old three-fold diapers...

Into cute little burp cloths. Every Mom knows you need lots of these.

Then I started playing around. I turned this Onesie...

Into a baby boy's first shirt and tie ensemble. :)

All jokes aside, it was fun to get out the old machine and play around.  Wishing new Mommy Katie, Baby Madison and Crazy Grandma Maud all the best!

Thanks to my Mom for the soft and beautiful baby afghan!

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