Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lesson Learned

I bought two purses for summer. I loved both and since I don't have many handbags at present, decided I'd treat myself.
However, after a couple of months, they started looking dirty. Let's face it, they were dirty. Sometimes one has no choice but to put your handbag on the floor-yuk!

So I took it updon myself to wash my handbags.  Yikes! I knew it was a risk, but had to give it a go. I pre-spotted them, and put them in the washer with mild detergent and cold water, washing them on delicate in my front loader washer.

This one turned out great, even the leather was nice.

This one, not so much.  The nylon is nice and clean, but the leather is hard and dry.
Lesson learned.  Spray your new cloth handbag with silicone to protect them while they are still new and dirt free! Save yourself from premature aging of your handbag.

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JeanneDolanMarkell said...

You need one of those cute little "handbag holders" that attach to any table, etc. Someone gave me one awhile back and I thought it was the strangest thing....until I went to an upscale 5 star DC restaurant where they bring them to all the women guests to use. No more handbag on the floor. Plus, it's safer to keep it where noone will be snatch it!