Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ironing-Part Deux

Remember last week when I came home from my month long hiatus and I did ginormous batches of laundry to try to catch up?

Well mid-ironing, my reliable Rowenta gave out.  Yup, I burned it out. What to do, what to do?  I actually contempleted calling the "Ironing Lady".  Yes, there is some fool service that will pick up, iron and deliver your goods here in beautiful Scottsdale. Her prices aren't bad either.

But I knew I'd have to face the facts someday, so I went on my trusty Consumer Reports website and checked out their choice of top irons.  Okay, here's what I was looking for...
1. lots of steam holes evenly spaced
2. lightweight
3. good value; I don't mind paying for an iron, lord knows they last quite some time.
Their choice was the T-Fal Ultraglide.

Then I Googled where to buy a T-Fal iron.  To my surprise Kohl's had them on sale.  So I jumped into my trusty car and bought my new T-Fal. It had a couple of extra bonuses...
1. Teflon sole plate so it supposedly "glides" easier over the clothes
2. A non-tip base.
I'm happy to report job done and so far, so good with the new iron!

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