Friday, July 9, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

My Midwest Tour 2010 is over. I came home to 113 degree heat and sunny skies. All-in-all not too shabby.  The 113 is a "dry heat". I know you all laugh, but there is a difference. Until yesterday,  when I was doing about a million errands trying to catch up when my car battery died and I couldn't get my car started.
(Okay, the following is an unabashed ad for AAA. I get no money from anyone I recommend by the way.)Continuing...I called AAA and within an hour I had a new battery in my car and was motoring along. Whew!

Thank heavens I hadn't made my stop at the grocery store yet.  Fresh food in 113 degrees isn't too fresh after an hour in a hot car.
You see I came home to a dusty house and this...

I also came home to 8 large batches of laundry and this (for those of you who don't recognize a pile of ironing, that is just what it is!

I also came home to this...a mountain of mail.

But the good news is I came home to this!

As that old John Denver song goes..."Gee, it's great to be back home again...."

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