Friday, July 30, 2010

Hayley Smoothsailing

Did you know this little blonde beauty's birthday was about a week ago?  Yup. And where was she?  Lounging on a beach somewhere in the world. But since we had no communication, we only hoped it was a white sandy one with tall, cool libations.

In my family, we have a saying, "Where's Waldo?"  Remember those books? You have to find the mop-topped character with the red and white striped hat. In this case, it may be a broad-brimmed chrome yellow hat!
 In our family it could be AJ, UM, Foxtrot Freddie, Cayenne Cutie, Traveling Teddy, Wesley Standpipe and in this case Hayley Smoothsailing, carousing around the world somewhere, but one never knows quite where.

Well, now she's home safe and sound, being Mom to this critter.  Like here for example, she is teaching him to read his emails from all of his four-legged friends at old stomping grounds at the Chi-town Bark Park.

Or trying to turn this diehard Hokies fan into a Husker.

Someday, I hope to spend her birthday with her. Who knows where we may go.... I smell trouble.


Jan said...

Well if you go, I want to go too!!!

Jene said...

The more the merrier!