Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friendsday Wednesday

Holy cow, another week gone by?  Summer is zooming along, isn't that always the way?

When I thought of Friendsday Wednesday, I was thinking of writing notes.  I love to get mail and little notes and surprises in the mail  I think it comes from when I was a wee little one and my dear Grandma (who was the inspiration for this blog) would write my Mom weekly and include 3 pieces of Juicy Fruit gum for my brother, my big sis and me.  Those letters would come like clock work, every Friday, so the piece of Juicy Fruit was our reward for making it though another school week.

Now, however, the computer age is taking over. We can communicate by text, Facebook, emails, etc.  My sis, AJ, did this very thing last week and was able to reach out to two of her dear friends from those school years. She is so excited to reconnect with them.

Moral to the story, get on the Friendsday Wednesday bandwagon and reach out to a friend. Let them know you are happy they touched your life. Happy Friendsday Wednesday, Friends (and Readers of my blog!) Let me know your story...


Jan said...

Oh my gosh, that was the old pitted out popcorn pan that you were letting the puppy drink from!!

Anonymous said...

Your sister, Jan, sent me a surprise facebook message on Friendsday Wednesday. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Now, we're reconnected at last! She also included your Blog info and I'm absolutely loving it. Thanks, Gene!!! Dauri(ne)

Jene said...

I hear you also live in the Gran Canyon State. Give me a call sometime if you're in the area, I'd love to get together!