Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It is estimated one in four households has some member of the family on Facebook, the social network website. There were 1.8 million computers hacked last year due to privacy issues resulting from the use of Facebook. How can you avoid being one of the 1.8 million?

1. If you are allowing "Instant Personalization" other sites can connect with you easier.  They share you information, and in turn, the new recipient shares your information and so it goes....
To opt out of this, go to "Account" menu. Choose privacy settings and unclick "Instant Personalization".
2. Limit photos (and all information) to "Friends" or Friends of Friends".
3. Do not join games like Farmville or Cafe World.  You pay for these, how? By sharing your personal information and your friend's personal information also.  Yes, that means if you have a friend that plays these sites, they have just shared your personal information for you. There is something you can do...
Go to Privacy settings. At the bottom of the page is "Applications and Websites".  Uncheck everything under "What your friends can share about you."
4. Use a difficult password, not a real name.  Use a code phrase that includes capitol letters and numbers.
5. Never share your kids' names.
6. Do not publish your birth year. You must question just how much information you are comfortable in letting the world  know. If in doubt, go to spokeo.com and check out how much people know all ready.

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