Friday, July 16, 2010

A Case For Hydrogen Peroxide

My first recollection of hydrogen peroxide was when I was about 6 years old and had a very sore ingrown toenail.  As I screamed, my Mother held my foot over the tub and drizzled the cool liquid on my toe promising it wouldn't hurt.  I fell in love.  It didn't hurt and it helped heal my very infected toe.

Fast forward to middle school.  Oh yea, I was cool.  But I was short on cash and wanted so badly to color my mousy brown hair (or so I thought).  In reality is was lovely strawberry blonde, but you know middle scool girls-ugh!) My friend and I sneaked out the hydrogen peroxide bottle one summer day and poured the entire contents over our heads, then proceeded to sit in the sun all afternoon.  The result was scarey at best.  We ended the day with very straw-like heads, both in color and texture.  Mind you, we felt like we were hot stuff, but, this is where God comes in, our parents didn't kill us for pulling such a stupid stunt.

Over the years, I have used hydrogen peroxide for a number of things, cleaning, disinfecting, bleaching, etc.  But it wasn't until yesterday that the old brown bottle regained it's glory days.

You see, I spilled Starbucks Coffee all over my new white capris.  I don't mean the house blend, I mean the grown in Zimbabwe, heavy duty, melt your gizzard strong stuff. Well, it was all over my new, beloved, fit to a "T" white capris.  I finished my errands, resolving in my mind that I had just ruined my capris. Forget the cost, it was the fit and the way they didn't make me look like I had a big ---, well, never mind.

I got home and put hydrogen peroxide on the pants. I let it sit for about 15 minutes while the previous batch of laundry did it's thing.  I put the capris in the washer, and....

VOILA!  The capris are like new!  (Flash sunshine and breathy music to the background.)  I think I'm in love again---with hydrogen peroxide that is.  But not on the hair, nosirreebob!

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