Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Weekend With Da Girls

Here we are, us three, a weekend in Da Bears country, having fun, exporing the nooks and crannies of old Chi Town.

First stop Wrigley Field, the most friendly baseball stadium in the USA

After the game you have to stop into the Harey Carey Pub for a Brewski!!

Wahoo!  A trip down to the Miracle Mile of shopping, Michigan Avenue!

First stop lunch and a cosmo.

It was a glorious day to see the "bean" at Milleneum Park! The reflection was awesome.

We had to stop at the harbor where Wesley kept his boat. A fond farewell.

One of my favorite stops is the Buckingham Fountain. A for sure Kodak moment.

Da girls liked the lions who were also celebrating the Blackhawks victory in full lion regalia.

Okay, so we were getting a little punch drunk from all of the shopping. However, in our defense, the Chicago American Girl Store is a place to be reckoned with if you have an "x" chromosome!

It's a must have a cocktail at the top of the John Hancock building at sunset.  What an experience.

One last stop before we call it  a day...

The view of the city rom Navy Pier.

Last but not least, the fireworks set to music.  Ahh, what a great day with such great women!

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