Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Time

When I was a child I loved going to stay at my grandparent's house. I got up early and Grandma made my favorite breakfasts. I walked to the swimming pool and swam by myself or made new friends. I walked a block to the local drugstore where they had a soda fountain and I bought real cherry Coke or cherry phosphates. I'd sit with my Grandpa in his 2 seater swing and he'd tell me stories, some true and  some he'd be spinning a "yarn" so convoluted he'd be crying he was laughing so hard. After dinner, Grandma and Grandpa would sit on the swing and I'd catch fireflies in a jar, go up to my bedroom on the 2nd floor of their house and go to sleep on the sweet smelling pillowcases that only my Grandma's house had, watching the blinking fireflies be my nightlight.

That's where I was introduced to these. They will not be featured on the Food Network as a culinary conquest, but they are a treat, none-the-less.

That's right, a radish sandwich. I laugh just writing about it.  I can see some people clicking off right now.  Others will agree with me, that they are the quintescential summer treat!
Where were you when you had your first radish sandwich? Ok, requests for the recipe...
Radish Sandwich (Not a bit healthy, but oh well...)
2 slices of fresh white bread
softened butter
several radishes, sliced thin
Butter the bread generously
layer the sliced radishes
salt fairly liberally
cover with 2nd slice of buttered bread.
Cut in 1/2 and enjoy.

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Mama said...

Do you add mayo, or just radish slices? I need the entire recipe before I try it.
p.s. I love reading your blog, you have so many interesting things that you talk about.