Saturday, June 5, 2010

Phoenix Loft

Yesterday I spent the entire day prepping a loft for sale. This is not my normal M/O, but a good friend has moved and wants me to list his loft condo.  It is a treat as this guy did everything first class.  The loft is a dream.

Here's another shot.


                                    All gourmet, top-of-the-line everything in here.

Everything is behind doors, including a belt and tie closet.

                                                    A $12,000 closet, absolutely stunning!

                      Built exclusively to hold wine and art. Mind you this is 25 feet tall.

                           Look at this 25 foot tall etched glass door to the master bedroom.

                                         Master Bathroom; complete with 5 head shower.

                                                 Ultra modern stainless steel guest bath.

                                                                Dining area

Humongous seating area. This picture is of an alcove only. Windows galore..all on automatic shades.  Yes, they go up and down depending on the temperature and the amount of sunlight soming into the loft. 
Not too shabby!

   Let's talk views....

                                                    Arizona Sunset...gorgeous!

Then we have building amenities as the rooftop patio/complete with fireplace to watch the winter sunsets.

                                             Workout area

                                          Hey, it's Arizona, you have to have a pool!

Of course, the building is secured and the garage is under the building. The view to the south is of an old Phoenix golf course and the tiny bungalows in the neighborhood have been transformed into coffee shops, chi-chi restaurants and trendy boutiques. We're establishing price now. I know you're going to ask. Yes, it did occur to me to ask Foxtrot Freddie to move again.

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