Monday, June 28, 2010

Minnesota Lakes

Minnesotans live for their lakes.  I have to admit, they are nature's gift.  They are serene, gorgeous, a great source of fun in water sports, lazying around on a hot summer's day and of course, fishing.

I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy one of Minneapolis' finest lakes, Lake Minnetonka with my son and his boat.

He invited me to come along. He was meeting some friends who rented a pontoon boat for a birthday party gathering. It was a fun day to meet such accomplished young people. They all are on the road to success, very bright, fun-loving and personable.  I had a great day visiting with all of them and enjoying this beautiful lake, a Minnesota treasure.

Yes, we brought Maggie, the Minneapolis pet, who enjoyed the outing as much or more than anybody! She does wear a doggie life jacket just incase there is a "dog overboard".

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