Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Malt Shop

One of the places I love to eat at when I am in Minneapolis is The Malt Shop on 50th Street. It is an old place with wooden benches and wonderful comfort food (read: maybe not the best for you).  I am not able to go here often when I'm in town, which is probably a good thing, but when I do, it's like a page out of yesteryear.

The stained glass windows and upright piano add to the charm.

The malts are soooooo good!  They are made with the best local ice cream and a hint of malt powder, which makes them sublime. There are over 30 flavors, but I stick to my old standby, chocolate.

I ordered a walleye sandwich. Are you kidding me?  This was a filet from a 3 pound fish! Holy Shnikies, Batman, this thing could have fed a couple of people. Yes, there was the homemade bun and tartar sauce that made the flavors pop.

It was delicious.

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