Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Lulu

Last week I met my little great niece for the first time.  She is quite the combination of "sugar and spice and everything nice" and yet on the edge of wild and crazy.

She loves ketchup.  I think all kids like one food in particular. Her fav happens to be ketchup.

It's a family tradition to eat your black olives off your fingers.  Her Dad did this as a child.  I remember when we had formal family dinners at holidays and by the time we sat down, all the black olives would be missing from the relish tray.  One look at those three year old fingers and you knew who the culprit was! Looks like he passed down the tradition.

Last but not least, this little munchkin has extraordinary eye/hand coordination. This video was taken when she was 3.5 years old. (She turns 4 this week.)  I don't know about you, but I still whiff a tennis ball with a huge tennis racket head.  I'm impressed!

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