Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Lulu

I am lucky to be a great aunt of this dear little miss.

Although her given name is London, she will always be Lulu in my book.  She is a spitfire.

It happened to be her 4th birthday this month so we celebrated.  Funny thing, she loves whipped cream! Go figure.

Her Grandpa, my brother adores her! She can do no wrong in his eyes--as it should be! He kept her entertained at the Cubs baseball game.  Or maybe it was Lulu that kept Grandpa entertained at the Cubs baseball game! What do you expect, the Cubbies were behind 12-0. Ouch~

I had to chuckle as she let us know the ferris wheel she rode on today was so slow it was "Extra Duper Slow" that is even slower than "Super Duper slow."
All good things must end however. At the close of the day, another great vacation at "Aunt Jan's Smoil Me Rocking Camp." (Don't ask.)

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