Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Happens

I live in Scottsdale. I'm currently in Chicago.  I'm going to Minneapolis.  Then back to Chicago. I'll be in Scottsdale again soon.

Foxtrot Freddie is in Omaha. Then he's going to Kansas City. Then he's on his way to Minneapolis, just before he leaves for Chicago. Throw in a trip to Phoenix sometime in there.

Wesley Standpipe lives in Chicago.  However, now he is in Houston.  Then he heads for Minneapolis. That is just before he leaves for Canada.

Hayley Smoothsailing is from Omaha. She is in Chicago, or maybe she is in Houston by now. She just returned from Arizona with Wesley.

Traveling Teddy is in Minneapolis.  Or he maybe in Atlanta, or Memphis. He is on his way to Saskatchuan.

Cayenne Cutie is on vacation. She is in Minneapolis.  She is making plans to come to Chicago.

AJ is in Chicago.  She is packing for Hawaii. Soon she will be hula-ing with the best of 'em. But don't despair, she'll be back in Chicago before you can blink.

UM is in Jacksonville.  He is on his way to Chicago to see this little cutie.  She's on her way from Ohio.  He just returned from Istanbul and Paris.

My Mom...oh I love my mom.  She stays put.  I can count on calling her and knowing her timezone. But she just called.  She has the coffee on and wants me to come over.

Life happens.

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Mama said...

How on earth can you keep up with all that? I'm impressed.
~ Ann