Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Presentation June 9, 2010

Here I am in Chicago, the quintescential American City where the team I remember as a kid as the gold standard of professional hockey won and are bringing home the coveted Stanley Cup of hockey. The Chicago Blackhawks, what an exciting game!
I walked outside after the game and the Blackhawk revelers were in full swing.  Being only 5 blocks north of Wrigley Field where "Blackhawk Fandemonium" throngs were enjoying watching the game on the jumbotron screens of the baseball stadium, I heard the screams of joy, the drunken songs and the honking car horns everywhere.  The sirens were blaring, the helicopters hovering overhead and the lights on in every home up and down the street, blinking with the blue lights of their television simultaneously, all tuned to the same channel.
It's an emotional day for Chicago. As the owner said, "The last time we won this was in 1961. It's been a long time between drinks." No doubt, the bars will be happy to help him out tonight.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Philadelphia Fliers 4-3.

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