Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glenn's Diner

While I am enjoying the last few days of my Chicago adventure, I happened by Glenn's Diner.  Yes, the one featured on The Food Channel Diners,  Drive-ins  and Dives.

I think they use the term "Diner" loosely here.  I picture Diners as the 1950 style, metal rectangles with burgers and malts, maybe meatloaf and large pancakes served all day. The juke boxes on every table belt out  "Mack the Knife" and "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To".

Glenn's is a smallish cube, a Chicago neighborhood sort of place. The food  is exquisite. There are 19 different kinds of fish, yes fish! Hardly what a Diner is known for. We sampled a few kinds, including a lobster roll, which to me (to the horrors of my friends in Maine) was better than any I have eaten on the East Coast. The smoked trout salad was superb as well. Rounding out the entree selection was a catfish with spicey hollandiase, also a sure fire hit.

Another big claim to fame is the cereal bar. They have 38 kinds of boxed cereal featured. You can get a "cereal shooter" to try a few favorites, then buckle down to a large bowl of your crunchy favorite. The second and third bowls full are free!

They also serve breakfast all day including all blueberry pancakes with all you want blueberries and blue crab eggs benedict, my personal favorite.

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