Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facial Cleaning Systems

There's a lot of hype in the world of skincare. It is called the Clarisonic Facial Cleaner. It offers:
-Exhilerating cleaning
-Works deep into pores
-Loosens oil, dirt and bacteria
-Gets rid of dead skin cells to promote softer, fresher looking skin
-Reduces blemishes, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines
-Makes you look younger
-Skin will glow
-Skin care products will absorb better
-Best skin care investment you can make
All this for only $250.00

And they are flying off the shelves!

What they don't tell you is, they are made by the same manufacturer of your electric toothbrush, Sonicare. Infact, your electric toothbrush may do a better job. It offers the following:
-Same cleaning potential and benefits
-Smaller head so it can get into the smaller areas by your nose and chin
-Pulses many more times a second than the Clarisonic Facial Cleaner

So, for $10 I went to Target and bought some new toothbrush heads, marked the one I want to use on my face and just saved myself $240.00. (I wouldn't recommend using the same toothbrush head on your face and in your mouth, there are a ton of germs in your mouth that could infect your face.) I have to admit, I do like the feeling of my face.

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