Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chicago, Chicago, What A Wonderful Town

After a torrential downpour and tornado warnings most of the day yesterday, I met up with Foxtrot Freddie who was called back to Chi-Town for a meeting.

We stayed at a swanky hotel, pretty fun being waited on!

Today I awoke to "Blue Skies Smilin' On Me" and what a day!  They don't make them much better than this.  I was able to connect with an old friend that I have known since kindergarten!  Yes, it's true. She now lives in San Diego and we just happened to be in Chicago at the same time. 

Reece's Pieces captured us on a corner for a photo op. Not so sure about this one, but hey, we are tourists after all. We went to the Oak Street Bistro and had a terrific lunch, then on to a house tour.  We stopped in at my sister's Lake View Inn (there's a joke in there) and had a glass of lemonade.  Now I am fixin' to paint the town with Freddie for one last hurrah before we leave. 

It's been a great run and I hate to leave, but all the more reason to come back someday! 


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