Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Benson, Minnesota

Here I am about 1/2 way through my Midwest Tour 2010.  I drove back to Benson, MN where Foxtrot Freddie and I started out on our adventure in rural living.  Benson is a town of 3,500 people.  We were young and idlealistic in the days when John Denver belted out "Thank God I'm a Country Boy!"
We made a lot of good friends who had some of the same ideas we had. I love going back to Benson and see my good friends Liz and Rachel.  On a short notice of a few hours, Liz welcomed me with enthusiasm.  I am gobsmacked at what a good friend she is.

See this beauty?  It was built in 1904 and was the first home Foxtrot Freddie and I owned.  We loved it!  I brought my babies home to this house.  See that center window on the second floor?  That was the nursery.  I remember soft moonlight streaming through that window when I woke up to feed my babies.

This home should be in House Beautiful. The porch...well let me tell you about the time we picked a LOT of strawberries.  We mixed strawberry daquiries and partied in this porch until we were all partied out.  And folks, that is an understatement! It has the prettiest lawn in the whole city. I love to come to this house.  Maybe it's just that my friend makes it the home it is.

Rachel made this home a showplace. The fireplace, the built-in china cabinet, the 4 stories of  living space and the humongous fern  that is 31 years old!  Whoa! I'm impressed.

Here's where it all began, both for Foxtrot Freddie and for my babies.

The gathering spot of the community...Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church. Or as Wesley said when he was a tyke, "Arnie Deemer's Church."

Isn't this city hall straight out of Norman Rockwell?  You should hear the Carillon Bells! It is such a relaxing sound of a peaceful, sleepy little Americana town.

True story...One time when Foxtrot Freddie and I went to the movie at "Marquis DeMarce" Freddie asked for a cup of coffee at the concession stand. The owner replied he didn't have a coffee maker.  We went into the movie.  In about 10 minutes, the owner found us and gave Freddie a fresh cup of coffee.  He had run to the hardware store, picked up a new coffee maker, quickly brewed some and voila, served it to us in our seats. 
Now that's service!

The Benson Bakery famous for their...

Peanut Squares, a lighter than air white cake with creamy butter icing and crushed peanuts to give that slightly salty taste to such a sinfully delicious treat! I should just apply these to my hips, they are that good.
Don't forget the lefse!  This is a Scandinavian community, don't 'cha know!

This is Breen's Pharmacy, the biggest community supporters ever. They carry everything, from prescriptions you need to items you've never heard of.

They have one of the last drug store soda fountains left,  I think.  It come complete with The Big Brave Burger to cheer on the high school Benson Braves.

So there goes another day of trippin' down memory lane. What a great day.

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Mama said...

Your pictures of your trip to Minnesota are wonderful. I love Bachman's too, it is the very BEST store ever. Your home in Benson is gorgeous. You brighten my day when I open your blog. Keep up the great job.
Best wishes,