Friday, June 18, 2010


I am continuing my tour though Bachman Floral Shop in south Minneapolis.  It is a store to be reckoned with.

Remember these milk glass vases? 

Here's a fun display of all the Bachman photos.

Letters and numbers are quite the hot decorator's touch these days.

Recycled garden gates and wrought iron fencing can be used for so many things.

Look at how clever this display is with hanging the t-shirts they are selling on the clotheslines with the old wooden clothesepins, with the various sizes in the laundry baskets beneath.

This clever little cat is a birdhouse...hmmm, wonder if a birdie thinks twice before entering a cat's belly.

I hope you enjoyed this travel through my favorite store with me.  I know I'm anxious to go back.  The tough thing is I have to ship what I buy.  Are you listening Bachman's?  How about free shipping?  :)

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