Sunday, June 6, 2010

110 Degrees

I live in Arizona. I know it gets hot. People in the frozen tundra know it gets cold in the winter. We all have our cross to bear.

However, that does not deny the fact that the first time it gets to be 110 degrees, I feel like my face is going melt off. Dry heat  my a$$, ever stick your head in an oven? This is just crazy. So what does one do when it's 110? Foxtrot Freddie, the crazy galoot he is, golfs.  Then he comes home and his skin has a sand-like texture all over. It is salt, people!  He sweats and he doesn't even know it. Thank God he drinks a lot of water, but his skin is full of salt that he has sweated out over the length of the golf game.

I, well trust me, I do not go golfing. I shop in the frozen food section of the grocery store, I go to the movie theater matinees where they have the temperature set at 52 degrees, I shop at the mall and I hit the pool for long, long periods of time. Our pool is shaded somewhat and I wear SPF 85, but I become quite the pool person. My toes and fingers are prune-like and it's only June.  We can plan on this over 100 degree stuff through August. That's atleast 10 weeks of heat. I'm looking on Travelocity now.  Certainly there's a place in this world where it's not so freaking hot!

                                        Our lovely, wonderful lifesaver of a backyard pool.

                    Iceland wants more tourists these days. Hmmm... Yes, I think I could make that work...

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