Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Staging Your Bathroom

It's nice to have a clean and pretty bathroom. There are tons of decorating tips out there today, for little or no cost.  Gone are the plastic kits that fit over the toilet for more storage space.  Atleast I hope they're gone. I don't miss the ceramic fish and opalescent bubbles of the 50's either, although I am sure there some in vintage stores selling for mega-bucks.

Here are a couple of ideas gleaned form a model home. This is a great idea. Strung beads, an inexpensive necklace or some pretty patterned ribbon tying the towels together makes for an appealing look.

Here they rolled up washcloths and put them in a pretty glass fishbowl for towels to dry your hands on.  This may be  bit hard to keep the water droplets cleaned off, but interesting concept.

When decorating your bathroom, the most important things are clean, clean, clean, toilet seats down, counters clean without cosmetics or toiletries, and no hair to be found anywhere. For  decorating your bathroom, select appropriate lighting and keep decorations to a minimum. Bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms of the house.  Too many decorations translate into a cluttered look.

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