Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopping As A Sport

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Shopping is a sport.  Oh, it doesn't rank up there with the PGA or College Football for primetime TV.  But think about it, I am sure it has more members than the NRA. So today I donned my shopping gear, comfy shoes and set out for a day of pure bliss.

First off I went to Target. Do you know the best days to shop Target are Tuesday and Wednesday right at 8 am?  They have the most markdowns those days (if the employees don't nab them first.)
Then on to the mall. Here's my favorite mall word.

But S*A*L*E has to be good.  Don't give me that 25% off sissie crap.  A sale is 75% off.

Do I need another ring?  Maybe so, maybe no, but gotta take a look. I took some of my other jewelry in to be cleaned. The manager commented, "You have some very nice pieces."  I had to laugh.  See how that feeds my inner shopper? As my Grandpa would say, "cripes aw fishhooks lady, you ain't seen nothin' yet."

Every time I walk by this store I have to go in.  Why? Because they display things nicely, it's roomy, it's trendy, I might learn some new decorating tip smells good.  Yup, whoever said you shop with only your eyes is wrong.  It's gotta smell good.

And about smelling good, need I say more?  Do you think I take a spin in here?  Ya, you betcha!

And positioned in the mall just so you can't walk by without seeing it, is this... If this would be a quiz, do you know what store that is??? You're right!  Crate and Barrel, one of my all-time favs...

                            I can't go shopping without atleast a quick peek at clothes...
                                                         A little colorful sundress...
                                                           A cutesy sequined top...
How about this little number? 
Okay, this window made me laugh outloud.  When was the last time you were called a "Bombshell?" And did you smack the guy?? See how entertaining an afternoon at the mall can be?

I couldn't resist trying some things on... but take a look at this dressing room...g*r*o*s*s! I want you to know I did not do that. It was like it when I walked in. (Come on, do you really think I'd post it if that was all my mess?  Really!?!)

                                     So you might wonder what damage I did. It's embarrassing to say.
Just my standard $1.57 for "tall house no room."

It is my philosophy there is a difference between shopping and buying.  Today I was out shopping. Ahh, it was a great day!

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