Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Fishing Boy

Both of my sons have been fishing enthusiasts, being Minnesota natives and having a Grandfather who adored taking his little grandsons in his boat.

Foxtrot Freddie shared his love for the out of doors as well with many a family camping trip.

This, however, is a guest post by son #2 (aka Traveling Teddy) and his Uncle who the boys refer to as UM. This fishing trip was UM's retirement gift.

Well UM is back home in JAX after visiting MN for the first time in who knows how many years for the walleye opener. After getting up to Leech Lake and Stoney Point camping area, we were able to set up camp and we both were excited to get into the fishing grounds. Even Mags wanted in on it as she could resist begging UM to get the camp site up and running.

After a slow start on Saturday and most of Sunday, we finally hit the late walleye bite and pulled in 6 walleye in two and a half hours. Of the 6, only one was a keeper being under 18 inches but the remaining fish were all good size. UM caught 4 of the 6 with a 17.5", along with a 20", 22" and a 23.5 or 24" 'eye. My two of Sunday night were 20" and 22". Going into Sunday night I still held a 2 to 1 fish advantage so UM pulled ahead by one in the great uncle/nephew tournement of 2010. With the only fish landed on Monday coming to me, we had to call the tourney a tie with 5 fish a piece and 3 walleye to bring home. UM will certainly enjoy the fine dining.

Lastly, there have been rumors about UM's first fish caught on a pink fishing pole. I'd like to put those rumors to bed and prove it once and for all. Actually he even told me at one point that we shouldn't be so close to the other boats because he didn't want them seeing his pink reel. Well here he is!

Overall, we had just one heck of a good time with stories of past camping trips, fish tales, and the simple enjoyment of getting out on the water for some relaxing fishing with family. Thank you UM for coming up! I know we both had a terrific time, and now it is time to go eat!

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