Monday, May 10, 2010

Food Presentation

Do you know people make a living designing foood for photographs?  It is a wild and interesting occupation.  I got a glimpse of it when photographing food for my cookbooks.

People don't realize how the arrangement of food on a plate or a garnish can make a difference. It can make a ho-hum meal seem gourmet. Remember the key ingredients to an appetizing meal. 
Color: Vary the color on your plate. For this reason, selection of dinnerware is important.  Since most food is brown or has some form of tan-brown color, do you really want gray or brown plates. This is not referring to trim, this is referring to an all mono-tone color.
Texture: Imagine how dull life would be if you had to eat only one texture? Envision a meal of applesauce, cream soup, and corned beef hash. Blah.  Well it's blah for a lot of reasons, but I am talking texture here.  Imagine now, if you'd add cut-up carrot sticks instead of the applesauce and maybe a pork chop or steack instead of the hash.
Temperature: If you are having a typical meat and potatoes dinner, you may have baked potato, steak and geen beans.  What could liven this up?  An icy cold tossed salad.

Foxtrot Freddie took me out for breakfast on Mother's Day.  Here's an example of a garnish (which adds color, texture and temperature) to a meal. Plus the garnish alone added a little vitamin A and C to the meal.
The pe-cans are a private joke known only ot those who frequent The Waffle House (which by the way I am not highly endorsing.)

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