Monday, April 12, 2010

Young Love

Ahh, the freshness and excitement of young love. Young love  is a new love, chronological age isn't in the equation. It's a beautiful thing, the romance, the laughter, the flirting, the butterflies in the stomach.

There have been studies about this. (I bet that comes to no surprise to you!) The one I read awhile back is about young love vs. "old love". Old love here is defined by a couple who have been in a relationship 5 years or more. I would like to give credit to the people who did the study, but I frankly, can't recall.

The study comes to the conclusion that there are two kinds of love, equal in intensity but different. They compare the love(s) to drugs.

The first, young love, is likened to an amphetamine.  When you hear you love's voice, your heartrate quickens, your blood pressure goes up, your pupils dilate, and indeed, you feel butterflies in your stomach.

The second, old love, or mature love, is like a valium.  When you hear your love's voice, it has  calming effect. You heartrate actually goes down, your blood pressure lowers, your breathing calms and you feel more at peace.

There is no right or wrong, one love isn't better or worse or more intense than the other,. Both loves bring personal satisfaction and joy.  When you're in a relationship and if you feel the "bloom is off the rose" by your love not causing those butterflies, maybe you're  entering the next phase of your love life.  Embrace it and enjoy the adventure.

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