Friday, April 9, 2010

Swap Meet Shopping

Do most people like to shop?  I know some don't, they loathe going into stores, even for the most basic needs.  However, I have made the most ardent of non-shoppers turn into shopping divas.
Scottsdale is good for that.  Don't get me wrong, it's no New York.  What Scottsdale has is a great variety of stores, from discount to Barneys, Niemans, Saks and everything in between within such close proximity you can cover it all in a 5 mile radius.
I happen to enjoy all of it.
One of the most quirky of all shopping in this area is the Swap Meet.  Oh yea, laugh if you will. But the Swap Meet is a silly place that you can buy anything from a gag gift to ceramic chili peppers, to dead scorpions sealed in lucite to tools to cheap luggage for that trip home.

It's all done under tents in this wonderful cloudless spring weather we have. Guitar players strum along trying to sell their homemade CD's (some of which aren't too bad) and local food smells waft through the air. Older winter visitors clean up all the bargains and load up their RV's, Mommies buy their babies inexpensive toys and children spend their crumpled dollar bills on everything from baseball caps of their favorite spring training teams to decks of cards.

Adult Bibs? I guess there's something for everyone!

People seemed to love this game kiosk.

This was pretty cool, walking sticks for hiking the mountains of Arizona.  Nice.

Wigs and hair pieces??  Yikes!

Kitchen Gadget Booth, one could find lots of goodies here.
Great for college dorms and first apartments.
Does anyone need a kitchen timer shaped like a rooster?

Pretty neat! An Arizona Foods booth, pistachios, dried fruit and salsas and pure vanilla from Mexico .

Lots of cheap shoes....

Sunglasses; 2 for $9. Good in  pinch I guess.

Every kind of tool for the home and auto.

It's always an entertaining morning.

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