Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Household Chores

Early in our marriage, we, like most young marrieds, had to establish some ground rules. One of the ground rules was who does what around the house? Since Foxtrot Freddie was busy getting his career going, most of the household chores went to me. It was understood that whatever I couldn't do, I was to hire out. I actually liked it this way. It did cost us more money, but it also saved quite a few arguments about getting things done when I wanted them done and how I wanted them done.

Don't get me wrong, Foxtrot Freddie has his "honey-do" projects around here and he is very good at them. But there are some things he either doesn't have the interest in doing, the time do them or the know-how, although I suspect he could do about anything he set his mind to.

This week has been a free-for-all of things needing attention around the house. It seems everyplace I looked something was broken or leaked. Is this spring and I am just noticing these things or are we having a bad homeowner week?

1. I just had the plumber here to fix the garbage disposal, it's dead. Have to buy a new one.
2. I have to have the tree trimmer here. Tarzan could swing on some of these palm fronds, they are dead and hanging so low.
3. I need a house sprinkler guy here. In Scottsdale it is code to have a home sprinkler system. Mine is currently leaking. Fortunately it's in the garage.
4. My themostat on the furnace is not working. Hmmm, the thermostat is only 6 months old. However, it doesn't go to A/C from heat. That is quite important since it is now over 90 degrees outside!
5. Called the "Dent Doctor" to get a little boo-boo out of my bumper. Don't ask!
6. Had to have the dryer vent cleaned. It is a big deal, since the vent goes out through the attic (it took somebody with no brains to vent it like that!) I don't want any dryer vent fires.
7. Arranged for the carpet cleaner this week. UGH! The winter dust and dirt. I'll be glad to get that cleaned out.
I didn't even write about the maintenance issues I dealt with, WD-40 and super glue in hand!

When new homeowners figure their monthly payment, they generally don't figure in maintenance. I advise them to. An investment as a house doesn't take care of itself. It's an ongoing work in progress.

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