Friday, April 16, 2010

Questions About Manners

Are manners and etiquette gone in today's society? Is the smart phone replacing face-to-face communication?  What manner faux pas do you commit on a daily basis?

The world reknowned Etiquette Expert is Emily Post.  The company has now grown under other "Post" relatives, but the goal remains the same, to educate the masses on etiquette. You can subscribe to the link and get a new mini lesson on etiquette everyday. Easy enough to do!

Here's an example... We all know we should RSVP to an invitation, but with the world of Evites and Facebook Invitation Spam, what is the proper action? You should RSVP to any formal (written or phoned) invitation. Do not wait for a better offer to make your decision, a simple yes or no to the invitation is desired. Once you've made your decision, only an unusual circumstance should change your mind, such as an illness. An Evite today is considered a vaild form of invitation and should be answered promptly. This is for both the host/hostess and the guest. Follow up information can be avoided if you are not attending. The general Facebook Spam Invitation e-mailed generically to one's wall need not be answered. This is more in line with a public event as "Come To The Baseball Opener" not a private party and this type of invitation should be avoided.

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