Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paula Deen

Savannah, GA is such a lovely, quaint southern city. It has the Spanish moss hanging from the trees swaying in the breezes, the horse drawn carriages showing people from other locales the outstanding architectural wonders and of course, Paula Deen, the TV Foodie that expounds the virtues of butter and fried comfort food with her southern drawl.

I have wanted to go to the Paula Deen Restaurant for years.  It is very difficult to get a reservation there.  However, being a Girl's Weekend Away, we tried again.  The restaurant is actually named The Lady and Sons.

Score! We made it!

Start things off with Sweet Tea.  How yummy tea is with a fresh mint sprig.  Note to self: go buy a mint plant for your herb garden, now I see it is necessary for good iced tea. The bread that arrives to the table is a fried corn bread pancake (with maple syrup) and  a cheese biscuit.

Appetizer: Fried Green Tomatoes. Batter dipped, I mean BATTER DIPPED!  Whoa, these babies were heart stoppers.  Pretty tasty with the Valencia Onion Relish.

Entree: We decided to split a pulled pork sandwich.  It was terrific! The batter fried potato slices were a little over-the-top, however. Is it really necessary to batterdip and then deep fry a starchy potato?  My answer would be no.

Rachel had a garden salad.  Nothing low-cal about this.  It was swimming in salad dressing.  What I mean to say is the salad greens were limp from sitting in salad dressing. But let's not forget something batter fried...onion rings dot the top of the salad. Two, not one but two additional bowls of salad dressing were served on the side. It would get 0 out of 5 stars.  (Does anyone else see the face made out of the two onion rings for eyes and the cherry tomatoes for the mouth?)

Dessert:  Okay, this is why we split the pulled pork sandwich.  We really wanted to try pe-can pie. It was worth every calorie.  Order Paula Deen's pe-can pie.  Mail order it if you have to.  It's the best, the very best!

Waddling out, we decide once in this restaurant may be all our hearts can handle in our entire lifetime. We are not sure how many calories we consumed--- in fat alone, had to be atleast a week's worth.

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