Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Listen to Grandma

The old wives tales of homeopathic medicine are alive and well.  My dear, sweet Grandmother was known for giving medical advice.
1. Ginger does help nausea. Ginger comes in many forms, ginger root, ginger ales, ginger tea and ginger candy.
2. Chicken soup is good for a cold. Yes it is true!
3. Hot tea with lemon and honey will help a sore throat. Right again Grandma, the honey will coat the throat, much like a cough drop and the lemon contains vitamin C. (Grandma also put a shot of whiskey in hers, I can't vouch for that!)
4. Old fashioned hard candy lemon drops work on soothing a cough.
5. Gargling with warm salt water helps heal a sore throat.
6. Pouring a little hydrogen peroxide and letting it bubble out the germs on a torn hang nail helps it heal faster.
7. Don't pop blisters, that will allow bacteria to enter and cause an infection.
8. Warm milk does help you go to sleep.
9. If you get sleepy in the afternoon, get up and do some physical labor, you'll feel more refeshed than a nap.
10. Last but not least, spoken by my Grandmother many a time...
"Early to bed, early to rise, makes  man, healthy, wealthy and wise!"

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