Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bidding Adieu

It's time to leave this idyllic place.  What a great week. As we rode our bikes the other day tree lined boulevards greeted us with the Spanish moss swaying in the breeze, almost like welcoming us to the southern lifestyle.

We tried to ride bikes on the beach.  Now that should be an easy task, except when the rental bike chain is broken and you find yourself short of time.  A nice long walk fit the bill just fine.  I think we solved all the problems with the world.

One last wonderful seafood meal needed to be consumed. Oh my, my dieting efforts prior to this trip were washed out like the tide with all of the delicacies of the area.   This cream of crab soup and these crab cakes were definitely worth every calorie.  M-m-m-m, I know I'm not in Arizona now!

Good bye island. I've had a wonderful time once again. I'm taking home new memories of spending time with friends that I haven't had a chance to visit with for so long.  Really, isn't that what life is about? Family and friends, it's all good. Really!

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