Friday, March 26, 2010

What A Great Service!

I feel a bit guilty about this... It's a hard thing to admit... But worth it's weight in gold!

I called The Barbecue Doctor to clean my outdoor barbecue grill! I know some of you are cringing, what would my mother say if she knew I spent money on something I could do myself? On the other hand, folks, if you want to start a new company in your town, this is it!!!

This wonderful person showed up on time and made my 5 year old grill sparkle. He added new briquettes and was off in a flash. The price was right!
As a little hint...he sprinkled generic unscented, non-ammonia kitty litter in the bottom drip pan to absorb the dripping grease. I would recommend you check into that further before you do it. I'm not sure about the FDA approval on that, seems a bit questionable as far as any fumes that could get into the cooking food. Who knows what chemicals are in kitty litter?! At first blush though, it seemed like a good idea.

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