Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When we were just out of college we were searching for the American dream, thinking of tilling the land and being a "Country Boy" a la John Denver. This was when flashing the peace symbol and saying "far out" was a way of life.

We landed in Benson, MN, a town of 3,500 people. Foxtrot Freddie was the country doc. I made our our sons' baby food, sewed the kid's clothes, cooked dinner from scratch every night and our husbands came home for lunch. The drugstore had a soda fountain, the grocery store had a charge system, written on ledger cards and there was one stop light in town. There was one movie theater and when we asked the owner if he had coffee at the concession stand, he went out and bought a Mr. Coffee, made some just for us and brought it into the theater with a smile. We filled out gas tank once a month, because every place we needed to go was in a three block radius.

But what made this town so incredible were the people.It brings tears to my eyes to think of these good people, some brought homemade cookies on a cloudy day or silly napkins from the local drug store (which served more like a general store). Someone cleaned snow off our driveway for 5 years and we never did find out who it was. Then there were friends, who became our confidants and our support system when we had kids, when we wanted a "girl's night" when the guys wanted a some time to chill, when we schemed special theme nights. These special friends, still keep in touch today, after 33 years. I just received a photo from one of these friends today. It was their grandson's baptism. It reminded me of the love shared between them and how happy I am for them. That is what a friend is, to help them through the tough times and share the joy during the good times. I am so blessed to be their friend.

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