Thursday, March 4, 2010

El Chorro Lodge

The joys of living in a resort destination are many, the sun, the dry climate, the restaurants, the golf courses, the shopping, and the unique places to sight see, it makes for fun days.

Today I took a client to the El Chorro Lodge. For those of you who may have visited Phoenix (AKA The Valley of the Sun) you have heard of El Chorro Lodge. It was built originally as a girl's school in the early 1930's. It later became a restaurant with awesome sunset views of Phoenix greatest landmark, Camelback Mountain. However, even it's world famous "sticky buns" couldn't keep this dinosaur going in the current difficult economic times. El Chorro closed last spring.

As luck would have it, new owners bought the place, spiffed it up and kept some of the favorites including the famous sticky buns.

The place is magnificent! What a joy to have in the city. The food is terrific, the wait staff cheery and efficient and the views breathtaking.

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