Monday, February 22, 2010

Spiffing Up For Spring

Are you walking through your house thinking everything looks the same? You want a new look, but also want to keep your budget in check? Is winter causing a little cabin fever and your house is now looking old and dreary? Are you selling your home and want to spiff it up so it stands out from the rest? Well, buck up Buckie, I have just the answer!
1. Plants add life to any room. Buy a flowering one and it will brighten your mood (and the room).
2. Move the furniture around. Dust and vacuum as you go.
3. Add a new throw pillow or two. Bring in some new spring colors.
4. Make a good first impression. What does the entry way of your home look like? Can a small table, a mirror or a new plant improve the entry?
5. Nothing perks up a bathroom like cleaning off the counters and buying new accessories. How about new towels from all of those white sales these days?
6. If you need a new throw rug, consider one of the "outdoor" rugs. They are cheaper and add new textures to the interior of your house.
7. Have your carpets cleaned and windows washed. You will be ready for the longer days and welcome sunshine coming our way.
8. Displaying personal photographs around the house is pleasing to some (not all). If you do have photographs, place a few together for maximum impact. If you are selling your house, it is always a good idea to clear out the personal photographs.
9. Clear off your kitchen counter. Add a new grouping of three small vases with flowers or plants in them.
10. Repeat after magnets on my refrigerator....ever. (Well, maybe junior's art for one week, then it's in his/her heirloom box.
11. Use those beautiful things in your china cabinet for other purposes. For example, if you have an unused crystal vase, use it for a pencil holder.
12. Add a new pretty soap and holder in your bathroom.
13. There are so many cool aromatic diffusers on the market now. Splurge on one for the bathroom.
14. Play "Beat the clock". Set your kitchen timer for 10 minutes and see how much you can accomplish in your housecleaning duties.
15. To make your rooms look larger, paint them a lighter color.
16. Place candles in holders or vases in your unused fireplace. Light them in the evening for a wonderful, cozy, romantic glow.
17. Want your windows to look bigger? A decorating trick is to hang the curtain rod higher.
18. Dimmer switches are easy to install and make a big difference in your room, even the bathroom. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night an have a nice glow to see by instead of that harsh, bright light. Dimmers in the dining room are a must, and even in the kitchen, at night when everything is cleared, make the room look inviting.
19. Clean your lamps and replace the lampshade.
20. Rearrange your bed. Some people put their bed in a corner, which makes the bedroom look smaller. The best place for the bed is on a wall with room on both sides. Some people think it's a mistake to place a bed under a window. It is best to be perpendicular to a window, if possible.
21. Remember spray paint? It's an often overlooked room spiffer-upper. Simply repaint that old table or chair. Make something old look new again.
22. If you are like most people, sometimes it's easier to go to the store and buy a new gadget than to take the time to look around the house for it. Chances are you have multiple extension cords, for example. Buy s few of those plastic shoe boxes and label them accordingly. Then when you find duplicates, put them in the appropriate box to help your home organization efforts.
22. Take a hard look with a discerning eye. Has winter made you into a hoarder? Whatever you don't need, discard, donate or store. Make this spring all about a fresh start!

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