Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Shingles...and I don't mean the kind you put on your roof. Here I thought it was an old person's ailment. And now I have it. Okay smartypants, my doctor says she has seen people in her practice as young as 18 have it! All you need to get Shingles is to have had chicken pox as a child.
Let me tell you, it ain't fun! First I had sore ribs, like somebody punched me. Then a rash broke out and it h*u*r*t*s! Now I find out there may be lingering pain, muscle aches and fatigue that lasts for months. Ahhh, just what I don't need (anytime in my life) but particularly in the beautiful spring!
Other minutiae about Shingles....
* It doesn't spread between people
* A person doesn't get Shingles from a child with chicken pox HOWEVER
* A person with Shingles can give a child chicken pox if the child touches the rash (this is called direct contact for those of you who want to know).
* You can get Shingles more than once...oh joy.
* It doesn't spread on your body, for example, if you have it on your ribs, as I do and you use a washcloth on your arms, your arms are not going to get the rash.
*If you're over 60, you can get a Shingles Vaccination to prevent this, and I highly recommend it! (So now you know I am under 60.)

And I will close by saying...It Sucks To Have Shingles.

The sequel to this post will be titled "Poor Me!"

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