Monday, February 1, 2010


MommyBlogs are all the rage these days. They are the glue that holds the stay-at-home (and some not stay-at-home) Moms together. They run through the joys and angst of pregnancy, childbirth and those early years with potty training and "firsts' of every kind.
There are political blogs, consumer blogs, photography blogs, virtually any topic you want covered, there's a blog bout it.
This blog has come to a point where I must define what the blog is trying to convey. I originally started it because my Grandma was such an inspiration. I wanted to share some of her wisdom and practices before they were lost. Then it evolved into more of an online diary. Lord knows we don't need another online diary. But it was fun to take pictures and log them. However ,after 456 posts, and many journeys I must move on. Today is my last post. Thanks for your viewership.

Post Script---okay, maybe there's a comeback. If Brett Favre can do it, I guess I can too.


Mama said...

I am so sad to see that you are stopping your blog, I have enjoyed it since I started reading it about a month ago. You really have a knack for making things very interesting. I absolutely loved the pictures that you posted while you were in Italy, that must have been an amazing trip.
Best wishes,

PD said...

Just when I found you. Understand your decision. But know, that like everything you do, this blog was unique and caused me to think, stretch, smile, and feel. I was connected to you even if I didn't comment.

Love, Peggy

Cupcake said...