Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Fishing

When I was in Minnesota over the weekend I saw once again the sport of ice fishing. For those of you who haven't gone ice fishing-don't knock it. It's a blast. People use their imagination in building their ice houses, small shanties with windows, doors, a stove to keep you warm, generally a propane stove to cook with, plenty of beer, a few chairs and lots of friends to chat away the day in case the fish aren't biting. Here are a few creative ice houses.

Here is one designed after a Scandinavian cottage, complete with grass (fake grass) on the roof with a goat (toy) chewing away. Notice the bikes for the kids. They have bike races on the ice for the kiddies to keep them entertained when they get bored. There is also a hockey rink so the kids can put on their skates and skate away the afternoon.
This is a silly ice house, made entirely of bubble wrap shaped like a coffee cup. If you walk anywhere near this ice house, you'll be invited in for a cup of coffee and a little visit. Those Minnesotans do like their java!
Somebody had a lot of time on their hands. This ice house has a gigantic hand-knitted stocking cap on the roof!
Included in this ice house village is a 3 story school house. Yes, it's built by a couple of teachers for a good chuckle! That's humor Minnesota style.
Who says you can't have a good time a -7F?

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