Thursday, February 18, 2010


As the tax man cometh, we are all wondering what ever happened to all of that cash our W-2's say we earned last year. Did it go toward our long term goals or did we squander it?
Here are some guidelines to help you get a handle on your expenses.
* Money you don't see, you don't miss. Have automatic deposit into a savings or 401K program.
* Make one night a week the night you eat out of your freezer/pantry/leftovers from the frig.You will be amazed at your creativity!
* Look online for any discount coupons before you shop for anything.
*Negotiate...everything. It never hurts to ask, if the outfit has a flaw, ask if they would mark it down. If the charge card has added a charge, call and ask for it to be removed. It may not work all the time, but you can try.
* When you save money from those coupons, take the saved cash and put that in the savings account (or rainy day account) that you only get into once a year.
* Go through your home and use all of the things you haven't used, ever. Like the book you had to buy but haven't gotten around to reading, or the craft project or the sports equipment.
* Cut back on expenditures for anything but necessities HOWEVER, once a month, have a reward option. Set a price you can spend and go ahead and spend it, no guilt involved.
* Set a monthly budget. Check your progress every week.
* Do you need it or do you want it? If you want it and it's out of your budget, put it back. You will feel much better about it when you leave the store.
* Don't let the store seduce you by having irresistible aromas waft through the air or upbeat music to lure you into staying longer.

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