Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rome IV

Just incase you thought all we did was sightsee, you would be incorrect. Along with the top 25 things to do in Rome, I was armed with a list of foods I had to have in the three days stay. they included, pizza, pasta, red wine, latte, capaccino and gelato. Check!
The little outdoor sidewalk cafes dotted every avenue, which was good for wonderful meals and great people watching!

Ben found the top bar in Rome, called Pepy's. Atleast that is what the magazine in the hotel said. The bartenders win prizes for being the "Most acrobatic" as far as mixing drinks. One night Ben found a group form Greece all celebrating their 30th birthdays the same week he is (next week!) Can you imagine the good time that was? I bowed out earlier that night.
Also, one cannot forget the shopping, what great shops, food shops, leather shops, tourist traps, and wonderful glass shops.

Here was a shop near and dear to our hearts.

We came across this quaint little candy shop. What a find!

The outdoor markets in the piazzas were such a treat. On a beautiful Saturday morning we mingled with the locals buying flowers, vegies and assorted cheeses and wine.

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Julie said...

your blog is beautiful....obviously I missed the update!!
looks like you and Ben had a ball. the "story and photo" share was terrific....have a great day! julie