Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rome II

We're on our feet, scouring Rome under blue skies and a fantastic 55 degree day. We ambled by this unique sight. It looks like they are still excavating it. But it's lovely, you can almost envision the people from past days carrying on with their business and their lives. After doing a little research, indeed, it was as city of years ago. It is called "Foro Romano" or the Forum, the heart of the Roman city. This is where Mark Antony delivered his famous speech "Friends, Romans, Countrymen...." after Julius Caesar's death.

We headed to the Colosseum. What an imposing sight! I was overwhelmed at realizing this had been around since 70A.D. What?!? Isn't that hard to comprehend? It was unbelievable.
You could see the areas where criminals, slaves and wild beasts fought to their death. You can see the levels of the arena where props were kept for the events. You can even tell how and where they could flood the Colosseum for their "sea" battles.
Rome has a history of over 2700 years. Sometimes we had to just take a moment to comprehend this.

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