Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ritz Carleton Dove Mountain Spa

I had the opportunity to go to the new Ritz Carleton Dove Mountain Spa. It is quite nice. Interesting though, since the entire facility is built in the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson. It is built to "meld" with the mountain, so it is all brown and not very impressive looking as you approach it, not what you generally expect when you think Ritz Carleton.
The spa is a rotunda shape, looks like a metal silo from the exterior. However, when you step inside, it is quite the respite from the hardscape outside. The blues, green and taupe colors, along with the numerous aroma diffusers get you in the mood for an hour, or a day of pampering. The attendants were great, very professional and anticipated every need. Look at these surroundings. I felt like the ancient Indians of the area were joining me. It was a magnificent pool area. The pool was quite the oasis from the desert beyond.
This is the private ladies spa area. The fireplace adds the extra coziness and takes the chill out of the mountain air.
This gigantic fireplace in the meditation area was awesome! The entire room was glass overlooking the Santa Catalinas. Ahhhhh!
Here was my little ramada where I relaxed sipping my fabulous ginger herbal tea and reading a good book. The world melted away....

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