Saturday, January 2, 2010

January Realities

I am emerging from my Holiday Hangover. I get wrapped up in the festivities, the gift giving, the birthday, the overindulging, overspending, over-the-moon everything. Every year I say it won't happen, every year it happens. So, now what to do....
Pull myself up by my boot straps and get on with it. I don't make "resolutions", what a crock, at least for me. I can guarantee that if I made a resolution, it would be broken, oh by 10:00 am January 1st. So here's my plan of attack:
1. Clean one hour a day, whether it needs it or not. Who am I kidding, of course it needs it. Clean drawers, cupboards and closets, as well as the nasty garage. Oh and can't forget my car. By February 1st, the place should be spic and span!
2. Get control of the budget. Ah yes, December I let it slide, but back to reality and getting a grip. January 15th is my goal to have it all in hand once again. That means no more "sales" shopping, no more whipping out my credit card and no more eating out (at least for this month). Budgets don't work if they are not reasonable.
3. Diet--oh that dastardly four letter word. But if I am facing reality, it must be dealt with. How about thinking "healthy" instead of "diet"?
a. Clear the pantry of leftover holiday snacks.
b. Substitute activity for eating.
c. Drink water in between meals. Most people think they're hungry, when really they are just thirsty.
d. Eat a healthy breakfast. That means no scones with my Starbucks, but rather a fresh fruit and oatmeal.
e. Look for ways to add a few minutes of exercise each day.
I have a feeling I am not in this alone. Any takers out there?

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