Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's ROME!

Did you guess which cities were in the running for my boondoggle? They were Zurich and Rome.
We chose Rome. Why? Because it is high season on Zurich, hence prices would be at their peak, and the flights looked better for flying to Rome 1st class! We flew 1st class, had champagne, cocktails, and a lot of great service. We read the top 25 things to do in Rome.
Here we go, on our wild adventure...
We didn't even have a hotel. We arrived at the airport in Rome and took the old, smelly train into the city. About this time I am wondering if I made the right choice, but that's the adventure part.
I read in Frommer's that you should buy the RomaPass, a transportation pass to allow you unlimited rides trains and buses for 3 days. While I did that Ben checked out the "Last Minute Hotel Bookings", a sleazy looking vendor stand at the train terminal. I was hesitant, but it was only a 3 euro fee ($5.00) and after asking questions about cleanliness, location and safety and seeing pictures on her computer, we booked a room.
The room was small by USA standards, but clean, had a great view and the location was the absolute best. It was only block from Trevi Fountain and a lot of other sights within walking distance. The hotel was on a quaint and quiet cobblestone street, an enchanting place, that even included breakfast with the most delicious croissants and fabulous lattes and coffee.

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