Saturday, January 9, 2010

Have You Got Your Passport?

Our family has a little joke. It all started with taking the boys on a European cruise after the older son graduated from college. We were going to a number of different countries and every new country we needed to show our passports. Being the "Mom" I asked everyone time and again, ad nauseum, "Have you got your passport?"
My younger son is taking me to task on this, as this week he asked, "Have you got your passport?" I answered, "Yes, I do!"
He them followed up with the next comment, "Good! Next week I am taking you on a "mystery trip." I'm not telling you where we are going,just meet me in Atlanta and bring your passport. You can only bring a carryon suitcase. We will be gone for 5 days, leaving on Wednesday." Where do you think he will be taking me? I'm very excited.
The only I have packed so far is my passport.

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