Monday, January 11, 2010

Hair Color

I have friends that do it. I have toyed with the idea for a long time. I finally got up the nerve....
Coloring my own hair at home.
I have highlighted my hair since high school, that's quite a few years. Through college, I always had a friend who would pull my hair through a plastic cap with a crochet hook and vice versa, to highlight, or "frost" each other's hair. Ah, sweet memories. I think some wine was added to the equation once I was in college. This became a social event, an evening of "beautification" with the girlfriends or my sister.
As time passed I started going to a salon. I liked the results, so I continued. However, lately I go to the salon and after a cut and color I walk to the desk and it's over $200. Gadzooks! That's a hefty price for beauty (and that's a questionable call.)
I started thinking about coloring my own hair. This decision didn't come easily. I have no, I mean NO skills with my hair. Ask anyone, they'll agree with me. I had visions of black hair, orange hair, broken mangled straw hair, but $200+ made me reconsider.
So I bought this. I used to be a strawberry blonde, so why not try again?!?

But then I started thinking.... What if the dye dripped on my travertine limestone floor? How much does it cost to refinish a floor? I covered everything in layers of old towels, old sheets, whatever I had.

I used the entire bottle, every last drop. I didn't want to have striped hair or not put enough dye on. Then I looked in the mirror. My hair was dark brown, make that very dark brown. My worst fears had been realized, My hair was going to be mouse brown. Too late for the camera.

I washed the color out, followed the directions for the "color conditioner" and here is the unveiling. It's pretty close to the color I wanted. Not bad for $8.00, eh?

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